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The Heart Illuminated

By Dor Konforty

What are the first principles of the Dharma?

Continuing in the spirit of The Mind Illuminated,

Essays co-authored with Culadasa, blog posts about the Dharma at large, and a continuous publication of my book.

Who am I

A product of pragmatic Dharma and science-based thinking. I’ve meditated for a few thousands of hours over two and a half decades.

Neuroscientist, entrepreneur, decentralization advocate. I care about facilitating collaborative architectures in networks between and within humans.

A common misunderstanding of Buddhism lies in the notion of “life is suffering”.

A related one is "having a self/ego is suffering". These are, at the least, incomplete understandings. At worse, they become a detriment to our individual path of reducing suffering and allowing joy to be naturally present. === The original Sutta sentence simply says...

State of the Dor

It’s been two years since I last updated, leading to a subtle, but pervasive, sense of terror around what I might put out there to follow this gaping hole in time. The time has not been wasted. I have continued exploring deep into different traditions, teachings,...

Letter to the TMI Teacher Community

Sent by email to the TMI teacher mailing list, August 13 2021. *** Dear TMI teachers, As most of you know, I have been working with Culadasa on a second edition of TMI for the past two years. Ever since I started studying with Culadasa, I have been spending a...

Announcement From Culadasa to the TMI Sangha

” … Dor and I are continuing the work on a new book that I had started, and Dor himself is planning to adapt all the work he has already done for TMI to create his own, new book that will allow these updates to see the light of day.”

Writing a Book

Over the past few months, alongside working with Culadasa and writing on my own, I’ve cleaned up much of my life from other activities and distractions so that I can focus on this endeavor.

Culadasa introducing Dor
“Dor has excelled in my teacher training course and in the study and practice of the Dharma. We have been working together since 2019, and he will be carrying out this work going forward. I trust Dor implicitly to do an excellent job at it.”

– Culadasa (John Yates, Ph.D.), author of The Mind Illuminated