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Sent by email to the TMI teacher mailing list, August 13 2021.


Dear TMI teachers,

As most of you know, I have been working with Culadasa on a second edition of TMI for the past two years.

Ever since I started studying with Culadasa, I have been spending a significant amount of time with him at the retreat center in Cochise — about a retreat every 2 months. He was the first person I have ever appreciated and trusted enough to take as my teacher; my time with him was extraordinarily valuable. As we deepened in connection, and as I progressed in practice, he would also spend more and more time with me – rarely letting me out of his room until all of my questions were answered. 🙂

During a 36-day long retreat under his guidance in Cochise, I presented Culadasa with comments, as well as some novel ideas and proposals, for the adept stages of TMI. He offered that I put them in a revised and updated version of the book, to which I agreed.

This was briefly made public when I next visited him in November 2019, when I sat in on his weekly Patreon Q&A session. At the time, I had asked him not to mention this publicly, as my intention was to work in peace and outside of the public eye.

Since the end of 2020 and until his recent deterioration in health, and with me freeing up from most of my other earthly duties, I had dedicated a great amount of time to working with Culadasa on this second edition – as well as discussing other ideas that I had contemplated putting in my own book, as we considered which were or were not beyond the scope of a revised TMI.

With the recent worsening in Culadasa’s health, I had asked that we make the fact of our shared work public so that I could bring it to completion and publish it with his blessing. It may not be possible to publish an update to TMI after Culadasa passes – we are still looking into that – but Culadasa has been encouraging me to bring this work, as well as his other unpublished notes, to fruition and to publication in whatever form it may take. To that effect, we have videoed ourselves discussing this, as well as written a newsletter announcement with this same information.

We have waited with publishing these to get a few things in order, and we are nearly there. Before announcing anything, however, I wanted to write to you. As you are the core of the TMI community, I wanted to check in with you to see what comments, feedback, and advice you might have for me.

For that purpose, here’s an exhaustive list of my plans and intentions:

1) Put up my own site, where I publish both co-authored, and my own, writings

2) See if it will be possible to publish a revised TMI, and otherwise use the work we’ve done in a new co-authored book

3) Write my own book in the spirit of the “TMI lineage”

I intend to publish things continuously, free of charge, on my website. The exception might be a revised TMI, which might be best to publish as a complete book, with revenue continuing to go to Culadasa’s estate and perhaps to the community in some shape or form.

I do not currently intend to teach, lead retreats, or otherwise engage with the TMI community beyond what may arise naturally through my writings. I will, however, wholeheartedly support those of you who wish to carry this torch. If the endeavour feels in alignment, I will offer material support as well.

Other than that, and to remove any doubt, I have no intention of being in the way of you or anyone continuing to work in the “TMI lineage”. One aspect of the TMI approach that is dear to me is its “open source” nature. It is the technological and scientific “ideology” and background I come from, where people contribute bits and pieces to a collaborative whole. Where we take whatever works and implement it into new gestalts rather than have strict lineages with authority-mandated, hardcoded specifics. I’m happy to offer support to anyone who wants to co-create in this spirit as well as to collaborate with those of you I feel in particular alignment with.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss this with our group publicly or otherwise write to me directly. I will rejoice in your active participation in this process and in any feedback you care to provide.

Your friend in Dharma,

Dor Konforty