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About Dor

First rationally-convinced about the innate insanity of living from the non-awakened state after reading Gödel, Escher, Bach, I started entertaining the compatibility of the Dharma with modern science following a meditation retreat with Shinzen Young in 2011.

I spent most of my 20s in the academy doing interdisciplinary brain research and most of my 30s being an entrepreneur and CEO in the decentralization space, leveraging my knowledge of neuroscience to inform my views and vision for human networks. In the interim, I taught meditation based on my own, modern formulation, was a social activist, played obscene amounts of RTS games and made top 10 in some, and danced A LOT.

When I read “The Mind Illuminated” in 2016, I realized Culadasa has written the book I had wanted to. I quickly connected with him, retreated for months under his guidance, and became certified as a teacher.

In 2019, he offered I write a revised edition of TMI. I have since endeavored to bring the insights I’ve gathered over a decade of being a scientist-meditator into a form that leverages our modern understanding of the brain, and much beyond, into a framework that I believe makes meditation and its fruits an order of magnitude more available.


To become more aware is your birthright. Denying anyone access to any aspect of reality in the name of religion, science, medicine or law serves neither the individual nor society.

– James Fadiman