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Oh, hello there. Welcome to this placeholder text for my book.

While the main writing I have done over the past two years was towards a revised version of The Mind Illuminated, I have spent the past 10 years writing notes, collecting insights, and forming a web of interconnected ideas I have been waiting to share with the world. It all started when I taught my own version of a modern, scientific approach to meditation from 2012 to 2014, and then evolved alongside my practice, and further education, in neuroscience, information theory, economics, networks, and many other modern fields of interest.

What I’ve been working on and writing isn’t quite ready for publication. There are some ideas and notes I’m eager to share with the world, some essays that are complete in and of themselves, but no piece of text that is entirely “chapter in a book” just yet.

Over the past few months, alongside working with Culadasa and writing on my own, I’ve cleaned up much of my life from other activities and distractions so that I can focus on this endeavor. On creating something meaningful, informative, and coherent to share with the world. With more space in my life, and with more time for cultivating clarity in retreats – I have a few lined up and fast approaching, starting this Saturday – I expect things to come together in the near future, upon which time I can begin publishing continuously, and we can all have a grand time discussing it to pieces.

I still haven’t decided which tone I want to use. Playful, chatty, personal? Assertive, formal, instructional? Structured pieces of academic text, or flowy poetry? Who knows. I’m not even sure what to call it yet.

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Looking forward to this dance.